About POGP


The Polish LPG Association is the authoritative voice of LPG market in Poland. Established in Warsaw, 1996. POGP is a member of WLPGA. Since February 2020, liquefied natural gas (LNG) is also the subject of POGP analytical activity.

POGP is the member of WLPGA and Liquid Gas Europe.

POGP main goals:
  • Promoting LPG compliance with health, safety and environment standards and good business practices.
  • Demonstrating the benefits of LPG and position it as clean energy for a low carbon world.
  • Representing LPG industry as a permanent partner of governmental institutions in establishing the law.
  • Promoting free enterpreneurship, fair and ethical competition
  • Representing ethical and economic interests of our members.

We actively support Polish LPG industry.

Structure and authorities

General Assembly

Constitute authority and supervisory body for other statutory organs, elects and recalls Presidium and audit committee members.

Audit committee

Janusz Opioła – Chairman

Robert Urbański

Maciej Pęski


Executive and management body elected by the G.A. for a three year term of office.

Sylwester Śmigiel – Chairman

Konrad Malec – Vice – chairman

Adam Kubiak – Vice – chairman

Ireneusz Popiół – Treasurer

Robert Kościelny

Dariusz Sławek

Adam Lewandowski

Piotr Janic

Cezary Kwella

General Director

General Director – Andrzej Olechowski – a.olechowski@pogp.pl

Director of analysis and projects – Mateusz Piaścik – m.piascik@pogp.pl

Commissions and working groups

Legal Commission – Adam Kubiak – Chairman

Safety Commission – Cezary Banaszek – Chairman

Technical Commission – Cezary Kwella – Chairman

Innovation, bio propane, bio propane – butane and LNG Commission – Grzegorz Janzen – Chairman

Education and communication Commision – Chairman TBA

Member companies