Argus LPG Sochi 2019

Argus LPG Conference to bring together industry leaders in Sochi

The international conference Argus LPG Sochi 2019 is held on 16-17 of April in Sochi, Russia.

Now it is the 14th time Argus brings together the largest liquefied gas producers, importers, traders, government officials, delegates from shipping companies and terminal operators from Russia and the FSU, Eastern and Western Europe, the Caspian region, Middle East and East Asia.

The Argus conference is an international business platform where participants expand their business contacts, negotiate and conclude deals and can obtain exclusive information on the liquefied gas market. Over 250 delegates the event annually.

The general partner of the conference is traditionally Sibur, one of the largest Russian producers and exporters of LPG. The event is also supported by Impexneftekhim and Spectr Trading.

Among key topics of discussion, the changes in global liquefied gas consumption, the Russian LPG market trends, new realities of the growing market of Ukraine, development of the regional markets of FSU, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Balkan countries, Russian gas exports, key infrastructure projects and others.

The event will be held in the upscale hotel Radisson Blu Paradise Resort & Spa, located on the first coastline of the Black Sea.


For registration inquires:

+ 7 495 933 75 71